BABY-G Presents Girl's PARTY!

BABY-G's "Tough and Cool" outlook with appeal for women who lead active lives.


AtoZ: the 26ways to a healthy beautiful life with BABY-G

Here we introduce the A to Z list of tips about the convenient functions and uses of the new BABY-G BGS-100 STEP TRACKER, the 26 ways to a healthy beautiful life.
The 5th issue, O to Q!

OOTD. Outfit, Outfit Of The Day. And today what goes with the BGS-100 STEP TRACKER? Because we are stepping out in our OUTFIT!

P is for pedometer, watch it tell you how many steps you have to go until today's goal!

Quest. Go to more and more places that you like, share new discoveries with friends via SNS. What did you find today?