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#44 Star Xu, TAIWAN STYLE#ootdbabyg

Coordinate points

Coordination that watches stand out among pretty hairstyles and colorful colors.
G-MS accents the colorful outfits and goes well with her cool hair style!

Wearing model

Mixture of her unique styling with the silver×white G-MS.

Wearing model

Impressive red dress with pink gold face G-MS at the staircase of a famous historical hotel in Taiwan. Gorgeous feeling!

Wearing model



Star Xu

Star Xu is a stylist, designer, model, etc. Her bold, unique styling and hair makeup attracts many fans. A poplar Taipei brand, NLF, was launched by her and the famous singer Rihanna also wears clothes she designed. She is also a mother of a baby girl and she coordinates her styling with her son.

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