BABY-G's "Tough and Cool" outlook with appeal for women who lead active lives.




Girl Profile

Cailin Hill Araki

Instagram :@modelburnbook

Photographer, Writer


Boy Profile

Dai Araki

Instagram :@dai_araki




Q1: When did you meet each other?

We sort of knew each other from work, but we had never really talked. One year he gave me a birthday present which was really surprising...I had no idea he was interested in me. So I asked him out on a date!

Dai :
I met her through work. I remembered that I knew about her when she came to Japan for the first time but because I couldn’t speak English very well I had trouble talking to her. After 3 years, when she came to Japan again, it was her birthday month so I thought this time is a first and last chance and I decided to talk to her.

Q2: Why do you like your partner?

He's very outgoing and he makes everyone laugh. He always speaks his mind. I've never introduced him to a person who didn't immediately like him; he just has a light inside him, he's special.

I like her because she is extremely talented. She has a sense that I don’t have so I get a surprise everyday. Also we have a different culture so I’m enjoying to finding out new things from her. She likes animals and has a generous heart so I think that is one of her charms.

Q3: What is your recommended coordination with a BABY-G / G-SHOCK?

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, because it gets in the way when I'm shooting photos. The BABY-G is perfect because it feels like I'm accessorizing without trying too hard. It looks just as stylish with a dress and cute boots as it does with jeans and a t-shirt.

G-SHOCK has an impact when you see just a glance of outfits so I use this for a focal point of my simple outfits. It is very useful to match with a street style of course, but I also like to use it for coordination with a stylish outfit for making a casual focal point.

Q4: What kind of time do you want to spend together?

I want to travel more with him. I've traveled a lot for work, but he's always been based in Tokyo. I would love to show him some of the places I've been. He's done such a great job of introducing me to Japan. I'd like to repay the favor.

I don’t have a chance to go to abroad so much so I would like to go to many places with her. I think memories are priceless so I’d like to go to many different places in Japan and abroad. And I want to fully experience many things during our travels and take pictures that we can show to our kids in the future.

Q5: What do you think about wearing something the same with your partner?

I think a couples coordinate is super cute, it's like a keepsake for our relationship. I'll always be thinking of him when I wear it.

I think wearing a pair thing is a good because you can be reminded of your partner sometimes from that.