BABY-G's "Tough and Cool" outlook with appeal for women who lead active lives.




Wearing model

“I'm glad I could find a matching pair with such a good design. They’re also practical and match any outfit,”adds Halle.

Halle moved to Los Angeles around two years ago and now lives with her boyfriend who plays in a band and her dog Sadie. Halle has always loved painting, and made a studio space in her apartment which she now works from.

In the sunny room that houses her art supplies and her boyfriend's instruments, the bright red of her BABY-G stands out nicely. She has chosen the popular BA-110ST-4A, which offers a smaller fit and features a red/blue design that almost looks like an art palette itself. This model goes perfectly with her retro style and favorite classic dresses.

The models GA-700DE-2A and BA-100DE-2A1, bought as a matching pair for Halle and her guy friend Cole, suit both of their vintage looks perfectly. "They’re comfortable to wear and they're tough. They're pretty popular with my surfer friends," says Cole.