BABY-G Presents Girl's PARTY!

BABY-G's "Tough and Cool" outlook with appeal for women who lead active lives.




Girl Profile

Alyssa Wooten

Jewelry Designer • Surfer • Model


Boy Profile

Chris Kelly

Student • Surfer



Q1: When did you meet each other?

Alyssa :We met in the water surfing at our favorite spot on the south shore Kaikos.
I was actually shooting for a BABY-G catalog with fellow team mate Malia and we decided to go to Kaikos because of the way it catches certain swells. At the time North and West shores were too big. We were not the only one with that idea because when we got to Kaikos it was extremely crowded, but one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen at Kaikos, the waves were perfect and I couldn't wait to get out there, despite the crowd. Once I got out, I found that I was having a really hard time catching waves and started getting stressed as I wanted to leave a good photo for the shoot. I kept paddling for waves and still no luck. I finally saw a little wave with no one going for it and hoping I could catch it I started to paddle as hard as I could.
Then out of no where this guy is already on the wave!! Who is this guy?! Why is he catching so many waves? I've never seen him before! But to my surprise the mystery man motioned for me to take his wave!
I didn't hesitate and immediately took advantage of his generosity.
After I finally got my wave and finally got a shot or two hopefully. I kicked out of the wave and our photographer introduced us! The rest is history!

Q2: Why do you like your partner?

Alyssa :I love how selfless and patient Chris is. I'm the complete opposite and every time I see that compassionate side of him I am reminded of how much I need to grow and how much better of a person I can be. He is the best friend I've always wanted and really needed in my life to complete me. He is such a blessing and I am truly so lucky.

Chris :I love Alyssa. She is most surely my favorite person in the world. I like how fun she is. She always offers a great conversation and is very smart. I also love her style when she surfs.

Q3: What is your recommended coordination with a BABY-G / G-SHOCK?

Alyssa :I love that BABY-G / G-SHOCK comes in a ton of different colors and you can coordinator with all your outfits and colors. Also another great thing is that they are water proof and shock proof. So even if you're out for a day of activities or a night out on the town you're all good to go! And you don't need to worry about anything with BABY-G / G-SHOCK!

Chris :I like how dependable G-SHOCK watches are. Whether your in the office or hiking off the grid somewhere back country you can have confidence that they will be supplying the time. I personally like the outdoors and love to surf. My G-SHOCKs can handle a lot of trauma in and out of the water.

Q4: What kind of time do you want to spend together?

Alyssa :I think from now on, we really want to focus on raising our son and become the best parents we can possibly become for our son. That is something that is really important for us. I know Chris is really looking forward to teaching our son how to surf and be a waterman. We are both excited to become parents.

Chris :I want to spend my time with my partner at the beach with our baby. Surfing, swimming, looking for shells or snorkeling with my partner and child is all I really need. Together, teaching our son about the ocean and surfing is something I am really looking forward to.

Q5: What do you think about wearing something the same with your partner?

Alyssa :It's super cool to have matching watches because there are not a ton of things that we can get that we both like and agree on. We have really different styles and tastes but these BABY-G / G-SHOCK watches, one bigger for Chris and a smaller version for me, it's awesome! It's a little something that can bring us closer.

Chris :Its really cool to have a matching watch with my partner. The colors of these watches feel very royal. It makes my feel like were king and queen.