BABY-G in the Small World

On a small mysterious planet.
There are tiny people,
who love fashionable and cute watches.
What if BABY-G gets lost in such a small planet...?
Let's take a look at what’s happening there!

Relax at a swimming pool and have a great vacation.
Just wish this moment could last forever.
Water and shock resistant but still fashionable, BABY-G is the perfect watch for a resort.

A cute ice cream parlor surrounded by chocolate rocks and a mint forest.
The most popular flavor is certainly chocolate mint. It is said to be "a wonderful balance between sweetness and freshness!"
Remember the BABY-G in mint ice cream color, just come and be amazed!

"Catch the Vibe" "Dance"- the trendy and cutting-edge dance floor.
No matter how hard RIEHATA dances, BABY-G is tough enough for anything.
Gorgeous, light, and accurate- BABY-G always works to tell time for everyone to chill out.