BABY-G Function

Not only cute, but practical. Check BABY-G by its reliable functions!

Shock Resistant

With its robust shock-resistant structure to protect against shocks and vibrations, the tough BABY-G is ideal for vigorous action in daily life, sports or outdoor activities. The original CASIO structure can withstand even violent shocks from dropping or striking.

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Tough Solar

Casio's proprietary solar charging system converts not only sunlight, but even light from weak light sources such as fluorescent lamps, into power.

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Total elapsed time measurement. Lap/split time models let you measure time for specific distances. Great for both fun runners and more serious runners.

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The dial lights up with the push of a button for convenience at night or in other dark conditions. Some models are equipped with a built-in black light that playfully illuminates the hands and dial in bright luminescent colors.

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World Time

The current times in various preset cities and special regions can be displayed. This makes tis easy to check the times in other countries when travelling internationally for pleasure or business.

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Water Resistant

Every BABY-G is built for at least 100-meter water resistance. Wear it without worries when working around water, swimming or snorkeling.*

※Not appropriate for wear when scuba diving.

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Tide Graph

A simple operation shows tide conditions at your current surfing point, a must for surfers. Let’s you know wave conditions for each hour and for a specific date.

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Step Tracker

A built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor begins counting steps the moment you start to walk. A step number level graph and the target achievement rate can help motivate you to increase your step count.

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Mobile Link

Linking with your smartphone by using designated aplication.Optimal for workout by managing records of daily activities by smartphone.

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