• Dual Dial World Time
    — 2-city simultaneous time display

    The user’s Home Time can be displayed on the main dial and World Time on an inset dial in a 12-hour format. Holding down the button at 4 o’clock enables single-action switching between the Home Time and World Time displays.

  • 3D dial design

    The face design adopts a measuring instrument motif and a 3D structure comprising two dials of different textures melded together. The irregular form adds depth to the inset dial and LCD, enhancing their visibility.

  • For independent women who favor masculine styles

    The lineup offers five colors, with a masculine orange option added to trendy beige and khaki earth colors and the always popular black and white.

  • Shock-resistant structure and 100-meter water resistance

    Besides resisting shocks, the watch wards off water during work in wet conditions or swimming. It’s built to support women in everything from daily life activities to sports.